How BistroBoTs Works for Restaurants

Join other restaurants as part of a Delivery Zone or lease your own BistroBoT



Become a partner restaurant (it’s free!)


Get Orders

Receive app orders on BistroManager tablet



If order is within delivery zone, BistroBoT delivers*



Customer receives food and thinks you’re awesome

*If a customer order falls outside the delivery zone or a BoT is unavailable, BistroManager will
automatically route the order to your gas-powered delivery service of choice.

Why Be BoT-Powered?

Being green and making green go hand-in-hand

There’s no cost to become a partner restaurant

Our app integrates all online/mobile and third-party delivery every time, even if a BoT isn’t used

Get food out the door faster without the delivery driver pileup

You go green and your customers can’t get enough