Does BistroBoT deliver inside buildings?
How will I know when my order is here?
How do I open and close the BistroBoT?
What if I can’t get the BistroBoT to open?
Will my food arrive hot/at the right temperature?
Do I have to tip my BistroBoT?
What if my order is wrong/missing items?
How can I contact customer support?
What if no BistroBoTs are available to deliver my order?
How do I get a BistroBoT for my restaurant?
What if a customer orders through BistroBoTs but no BoTs are available?
How does the BistroBoT keep food at the right temperature?
How much can a BistroBoT carry?
How fast does a BistroBoT go?
Is BistroBoT safe around people/pedestrians?
How does BistroBoT navigate city streets?
What should I do if I see potential theft or vandalism of a BistroBoT?